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Paul Cook aka Didge-Tall-Paul grew up in a village in Kent. After travelling around Australia and a range of other countries is now living in Gravesend with his wife and two children.

After playing and making didgeridoo’s for 3 decades Paul is one of the foremost didgeridoo performers in the UK with several appearances on radio stations, television and music featured in a film Tom Clancy’s Remainder.

Paul has produced three didgeridoo albums. Hollow, Raspberry Ripple and his latest album 10 tunes from 22 years of tongue twisters.

A range of didgeridoo’s are created by Paul, which are widely respected by players across the world. Using both imported Australian termite eaten eucalyptus and split-wood from a variety of native English.

Paul runs Gravesend didgeridoo club which meets every fourth Saturday of the month, he also runs workshops at a large variety of festivals and visits schools to teach didgeridoo and aboriginal Australian culture.Throughout the year he runs a stall at festivals selling and teaching didgeridoo and many other musical instruments from around the world.

For details on all that Paul does you can visit his websites at www.didgetallpaul.co.uk