Elementary… the world’s friendliest little festival.

2024 is going to be bigger and better than ever before!


What a gorgeous bunch of an elementary festival family you really are!

To match your scrumptiousness we have put together some of the funkiest acts with a seriously cultural fusion


More Aboriginal traditional performance and workshops all the way from down under……more vibrant African  drumming sessions, more South American ceremonies, more intricate Indian rhythms …..in fact so much more of everything you love about this spectacular weekend.


Ram-packed full of sound journeys, cacoa ceremony, juggling, jams, yoga, dance,poetry,trance dance meditation, food and workshops galore (of course loads of didgeridoo workshops) …all topped off with banging,crowd WOWSERing nights of musical delights.

Braziers Park, Ipsden, Oxfordshire.  OX10 6AN

4th till 8th July 2024


Unfortunately, no dogs are allowed.


Elementary… the world’s friendliest little festival.


Incredible Acts

Headline Acts

Ruben Yon'ton &  Api Ascaso

Ruben Yon'ton & Api Ascaso

Sound Journey Performance

Ruben Yon’ton &  Api Ascaso bring an immersive music session that includes a deeply grounding yet expansive ritual element



Virtuoso Didgeridooist

Driven by the energy of improvisation, Zalem Delarbre explores an ever-evolving Electro landscape, pushing back the boundaries of genres.

Didj Beat

Didj Beat

Traditional Aboriginal Songs

Didj Beat are a traditional / contemporary group that have been based in Australia for the last 30 years.Quinto Antonio and Ronaldo Guivarra.

The Majestic

The Majestic

Old Skool Reggae

The Majestic was formed in the early 1980s by band leader Baba Ras,a Roots Rock Reggae band hailing from London.

Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth

Full on party

Touch the Earth is a Tribal Folk Band that plays music and songs inspired by the natural world around them, which touches the heart and our inspiration.

Sandeep Raval

Sandeep Raval

Indian master percussionist

Sandeep Raval is a man of many talents. But, fundamentally, he’s a musician with a constant hunger for new aural adventures.

Kids Area

Fun and Exciting Activities for Kids

A range of exciting activities for children is enthusiastically run by Crops Not Shops, to give our Elementary festival families an exciting and fun-packed weekend.


What People Are Saying

“Absolutely brilliant festival. A great start to many Elementary festivals. FANTASTIC!”

Rebecca X

“Great people…Great weather…great festival…Great music…thanks a lot”

Sophie, Juna and Maya

“We had an incredible weekend!! Amazing music and people!! Looking forward to next year. ” 

Alex, Sue, John, Samantha and Lucas xx