Lulila Rose

Lulila is a Creatrix, She is Devoted to The Way of Her Heart and Her Divine Essence. She allows the Divine Love and Light to flow through her and she Creates Songs, Chants, Dances and Activations to help us all remember that we all have this Sacred Essence within us.

She has Created an Album called LifeForce and shares her message through singing and rapping. The Music from the Album was Created by Gaz Sativa and Mark Marrington. Lulila has a Unique Voice that can Activate The Kundalini Shakti, the Life Force within you.

Lulila creates New Earth Music, that is uplifting and positive and can help you to see through the false mind Matix in which we are part of and give you the strength and courage to free yourself also.

Lulila is also very proud to inspire others to Express there soul essence without worrying about it being perfect or as good as others or comparing, but just being ourselves and feeling the healing benefits from expressing our souls creativity.