Bundjalung Kunjiel

Our Aboriginal dance troupe comes from the Gold Coast in Queensland and Tweed Heads region of New South Wales. Located on the east coast of Australia. These are neighbouring cities but is originally known as the Kombumerri and Minjungbal tribal land of the Bundjalung nation.

The troupe consists of members who are either traditionally from the area or locally born and raised there. Troupe leader and manager, Goompi Ugerabah formed the troupe in 2009 after dancing with his skin fathers and teachers for over 11 years: ‘The Walker brothers” of Nunukal Kunjiel, tribally known as the Nunukal people of Stradbroke Island.

Goompi has a wide range of knowledge learnt from many teachers. Mainly from Kombumerri, Minjungbal, and Nunukal knowledge holders but also teachers from central Australia and the top end of Queensland.

Bundjalung Kunjiel has represented their community by showcasing songs and dances for Aboriginal family gatherings, public and private events. Also travelling overseas to 6 different countries. The troupe presents song, didgeridoo and dance presentations that can go from 20 minutes up to 1-hour maximum. Every song and dance is explained before starting.

The dances portrayed are special stories, along with some hunting and gathering stories.

Bundjalung Kunjiel offers smoking ceremonies and culture talks on various subjects of Aboriginal cultures, such as history, hunting and gathering, medicines, weapons making, Aboriginal art and more.

Workshops can be booked that include traditional fire lighting, body paint talk and visual explanation, spear throwing and boomerang throwing.

The troupe also may have artworks, Aboriginal art-designed clothing, CDs of their music and Aboriginal-inspired jewellery available for purchase whilst on tour depending on available stock.

Troupe travelling:

Goompi means Possom.
English name: Stephen Male Age 41 Born: Kombumerri tribal land Song man, Dancer, Renowned Aboriginal artist, all-around culture man, teacher and knowledge holder. Original tribal descendants: Gurreng gurreng, Gubbi Gubb

Baigin means stringy bark tree. English name: Anthony Male Age: 29 Born: Minjingbal tribal land Didgeridoo player, dancer, Aboriginal artist and learning song man. Original tribal descendants: Guureng Gurreng, Gubbi Gubbi, Minjungba, Dunghutti

Boonow means the bloodwood tree. English name: Aubrey Male Age: 24 Born: Minjungbal tribal land Dancer, didgeridoo player, Aboriginal artist, and learning song man. Original tribal descendants: Guureng Gurreng, Gubbi Gubbi, Minjungbal, Dunghutti

Wahwoon & Wahwong meaning bush turkeys Britney & Stefanie (twins) Females Age: 22 Born: Kombumerri tribal land Dancers and Aboriginal artists. Original tribal descendants: Yuggera, Yugarapul, Minjungbal, Nyungbal

Murruwiri – Sacred rock off Gove peninsula (Arnhem land) French name: Francis Male Age: 45 Born: Provence Tracker, founder of Je Suis La Piste and translator for Bundjalung Kunjiel Provençal & Scottish origins, and Yolngu adoption name (skin-name Balang)