Angel Joughin-Coppin

Angel Joughin-Coppin Intuitive Healing:
I have always walked with Two-Feathers and Wolf since a tiny child and led a lonely internal life as all those I met did not feel the same as me about Mother Earth, Father Sky.

After studying Physiology and Anatomy via Zoology, at Imperial College, London, graduating in 1997; I embarked on learning how to help the world naturally. At last meeting people, I could relate to. I got the pieces of paper (certificates) to support what I could do naturally; to assist in helping/healing all animals, plants, trees, and humans, through the Guidance of those that join us through the spirit.

I am currently furthering my learning by doing a 4-year Masters in Herbology and Iridology at The Irish School of Herbal Medicine, Portlaoise, and Maynooth University.

Treatments are:

Massage Deep tissue & Fascia
Indian head
Ear candling with Face Massage
Face massage encourages the sinus area to heal & clean
Shamanic healing:
Black and White Stone
Chakra balance:
Chakra clearing, healing, and cutting of cords, of old things holding us back.
Energy Healings:
Rahanni 5th dimension healing (Teacher level)
Reiki (Master/Teacher level)

Angel (Angie) I Joughin-Coppin
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then, there will be peace:- Jimi Hendrix