The Market Place

Forming the heart of the festival the market place will be bustling with an array of exciting, creative and diverse vendors, peddling their wares for your delight… 😊

Trade stands

  • DidgeTallPaul, by Tall Paul
  • Juggling,by Danny and Grant.
  • Musical mud, by Michelle Deardon;
  • Peter Pan Hand pans by Peter berni.
  • WoodSmith instruments by Pete Smith.
  • Copperman, by Matt Williams;
  • Hard fibre Didgeridoos; by Andrea Furlan;
  • Duke’s clothing by Ege Ogansoy;
  • Enchanted Earth by Anthony Morgan.
  • Medicine drums by Faye Bradbury.
  • Magical Crystal Cavern, by Natasha Walker;
  • Magpie Nest by Claire Allen.
  • Conrad the Candle Maker by Conrad.
  • Red Kite Flutes, by Louise Hutton.
  • Hand Crafted Drums by Ros Simons
  • Sacred Notes Tuning Forks by Ros Simons
  • Twilight Fantasy, Carole Mc Allister
  • Merchandise by Mobius loop.
  • merchandise by Kakatsitsi master drummers.
  • Artists CDs at the Elementary bar

Food and drink

  • Elementary Bar, by Tall Paul with loose cannon brewery.
  • Healthily delights;by Ziv Bachar.
  • Wild Earth Alchemy, by Tilly Wilde.
  • Go Berry, by Aryel Green.
  • Kennor’s world kitchen by James Kennor.
  • Toasties by Louise Stewart.
  • For the love of it by Fi Puleston.
  • Tea and coffee by Richard Richwood.
  • Wood fired Pizzer by Conrad.


  • Paul Gumbal ,sound healling.
  • Angel Joughin-Coppin Intuitive Healing.
  • Rosalind Paxman, cosmic fiddle.
  • Faye Bradbury, Channelled shamanic sound healing therapy.
  • Lottie Morphew-Hedges, aromatherapy.

Keep checking back for more. If you want to be part of Elementary contact us…