Unity Loops

UNITY LOOPS Beatbox and looping on multiple boss RC 505’s. Live synth, guitar bass, and didgeridoo. All 100% freestyle improv music. Filthy multi bass dance music to smooth jazz hip hop grooves and their own style of psychedelic dub rollers and every/any other genre u can think of!! Getting u bopping, reflecting on life, and screwing ya face up all at the same time! Perfect party and festival music, everybody is invited to get involved have a rap, have a sing and get sampled into the track. Next thing you know one catchphrase has become a whole song. A Brighton, London, and Bristol collective with all kinds of MCs, Singers, beatboxer’s/loopers, and musicians with main man Mr. Unity from All Skool Hip Hop band SouthWestsiide. Frontier the next generation of music; Looping. But looping as a full band with huge inspiration from dub fx, MC Xander, JFB & Beardyman from the Battlejam days. New recordings dropping all throughout the year found out Spotify etc. Born from jamming, and an equal appreciation of All music, started on live streams and to be seen down on Brighton beach with their very own solar-powered stage and festivals all around the world!