Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth is a Tribal Folk Band that plays music and songs inspired by the natural world around them. Their music has been described as: ‘A vibration of pure energy gathers one up, the flutes, violin, guitar, didge, drums, and singers are part of this surrealism – the essence is pure spirit.’ – The Holistic Channel

They are unique in their instruments and approach to performance, in addition to the more traditional Guitar, Fiddle, and Voice they also use double-skinned drums, djembe, didgeridoos, flutes, and the 4ft Fujara: a Slovakian shepherd’s flute which creates otherworldly soundscapes. Their concerts are a mixture of songs, ballads, and inspirational pieces which frequently take the listener’s imagination to the wild places of this land.

Touch The Earth is also known for its Trance Dance sessions and workshops. A fully immersive musical experience that creates an amazing space and experience to completely feel, move and dive into a connection with sound and your own personal journey.

The full line-up is as follows:
Lynn Gosney: Vocals, Flute, Hand drum, Didge
Lee Gosney-Hunt: Guitar, Vocals, Flute, Fujara, Double skinned Drum, Didge
Gill Hunt: Double skinned Drum, Djembe, Bodhran, Tongue drum, Percussion, Vocals
Pete Maxey: Fiddle, Double skinned Drum, Vocals, Rattle

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01379 677612, 07443032762
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