This collective of mystical musicians delivers a magically modern tribal jazz experience. An abstract original band with powerful conscious vibrations not limited to one genre. Vibrating frequencies of open hearts, the release of shame and the uprising of this new world.

With influences from Florence and The Machine, Portishead, and Yaima. Synergised has been described as Jefferson Airplane meets Kate Bush.

Each musician holds their own immense necessity within this collaboration. Meet the band members:

Seline Alidina – Lead singer and lyricist. Her voice is both overwhelmingly powerfully and delicatley effective. Her lifetime of musical training allows her to have a stage presence and technique that encapsulates the whole room, taking each audience member with us on our journey.

Seline has been in the professional industry most of her life. Synergised is her dream. She had the name and the vision for these not often put together instruments uniting in a transcendental sound to birth the books of music she’s written and is eager to share.

A powerful witch sending healing vibrations through deeply entangled lyrics and magnetic melodies.

Joe Jordan – Handpan, guitar, lyricist, percussion.
Combing his love of music, art & visuals, Joe Jordan AKA Coloured Sound creates liquid psychedelic musical experiences accompanied by the soul soothing sounds of the Handpan.

Joe has shared his incredible rhytmic skills and way with words with Synergised from the beginning of our journey. He has a unique ability to individualise many instruments, creating his own technique on guitar and percussion.

Aaron Aaronson – Cello. Classically born to raise hell, Aaron moved to the UK from New Zealand at the start of the 2000’s. Educated from a young age with his craft and with additional experience with multiple instruments he writes and produces his own music alongside other musical and creative endeavours.

Conjuring through the bow and string, Aaron adds sacred spells through signature sound to Synergised songs.

Henry Shanks – Didgeridoo, Keys. Henry is a multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand, a world traveler, spending almost the past decade on the road in all corners of the globe, taking inspiration from various cultures and mixing them with his own unique style.

With a range from powerful bass booming beats to ethereal arpeggios Henry’s talents and style have epically influenced Synergised journey.

Sean O’Hara – Drum kit, Bongos. Seanobongo! The being with all the beats. Combining different styles from across the globe and over ten years of experience as a live and studio percussionist in various projects including bands, dance projects, night clubs, private events, weddings, circus, theatre, and alongside DJs.. He’s played over 1200 gigs with Mobius Loop and has performed headline shows at festivals and professional tours.

Sean has an ability to transcend any piece of music, keeping everyone tight and in the flow. He’s worked with some amazing artists and continues to work with children in his harmonious beats project.

We have recently finished our tour opening for the epically talented Mobius Loop! Headlined at Love Jam Winter Solstice and have been offered a place at a few festivals this summer. Currently working on our new album – we are very excited to share this with you but for now, we have provided a 1-hour long recording of our performance at the Love Jam Winter Solstice event on Soundcloud Please enjoy!

@SynergisedMusic on all platforms