Elementary main stage

The Elementary stage is the beating heart of the festival, located in the meadow of Braziers Park and surrounded by nature, cafes, and stalls. It’s a place to get lost in the vibrant sounds of traditional world instruments, with a lineup of eclectic performances from all corners of the globe. From Bundjalung Kunjiel to The Turbans, Dubravko Lapaine, Sandeep Raval, and Ruben Yon’ton & Api Ascaso, this stage is sure to tantalize your ears with its unique sounds. With Ben Wright as master of ceremonies, Mark Marrington on the mixing desk and David Prentice providing illuminating visuals, the Elementary stage will be the place to be this festival season.

The Vortex

The Vortex is a wondrous sanctuary of peace and relaxation. A place to unwind, explore and create – where vibrant yoga, dance and sound journeys await you. Step into the softly lit space and be embraced by the inviting ambience of pillows, rugs and cushions, and be entertained by the enchanting open mic acoustic performances after dark. Let the Vortex welcome you home and soothe your soul.

Elementary Bar

Escape to our cosy bar for the finest locally brewed beers and ciders plus, we‘ve got a mini stage for amazing musical acts to entertain you! Come experience our great little atmosphere and enjoy the night.

Fire Pitt

As the sun sets, the atmosphere of the Fire Pitt crackles with excitement! Sparks of all kinds of talent ignite, with exuberant fire juggling performances lighting up the night sky. Later on, join in the festivities and be prepared for a night of spontaneous performances, with plenty of chances to show off your skills!