St3ph and Paris Wright


London born artist and producer ST3PH is multi-talented, his unique delivery, fresh lyrics and compelling beats are set to make waves globally.

Growing up in London with a background of Jamaican and Mauritian heritage, ST3PHs connections with his culture combined with a wealth of life experiences can be heard vibrating through his sound. TRIME is an original and pioneering creation heavily influenced by a variety of music ranging from reggae, hip hop, garage, grime and trap.

His lyrics are written in a way to spark minds whilst having enough punch to enjoy the range of flows he delivers, if you listen closely enough, you might pick up a gem.

Parris Wright

Parris Wright is a music artist from south London who has released several projects in his career. His most recent projects, Rebirth and The Isolated One, saw him take a step in a new direction, spiritually shifting and creating music with more depth, meaning and positivity. With time away from music and solitude to focus on his message, Wright has found his path, allowing him to exist in his own lane, create music of substance, and integrate gems of wisdom while still sounding current and new. His forthcoming project, ‘The Dangerous One,’ Will drop on the 21st of July 2022.

The Dangerous One Is a 13-track project, including the intro, interlude, and outro. The project explores spirituality, shifting mindset, meditation, the gift and curse of ego, love, belief, growth, patients, rebirth, and many other themes once you listen in depth. It also touches on issues around knife crime, gun crime, PTSD, systemic racism/programming, and the lack of equality in the system we live in. It is comprised of drill and rap instrumentation, journeying through “hood” themes for the empowerment and upliftment of the culture.

To sum up, the project, The Dangerous One, is about spiritual awakening, a musical journey into Parris’s mind as he ventures on a path to change the status quo. His mission, being a dangerous one, is ultimately to ‘Shiff Up the Frequency’ and shift the narrative for today’s youth. At its core, The Dangerous One is a story about finding “ALITY”. Ality AKA, A Litty space, translating to light space, your light space, the opening between reality, personality, and spirituality is the internal place where you can unplug from the external stresses of this existence, tune in to your higher self and find all the answers needed to elevate and evolve through life.