Sofia & Sandra

‘Cacao ceremony with elemental alchemy dance journey’
Journey through the body, being & beyond. Joining together in a circle to drink ceremonial grade Cacao within a plant medicine concoction invites our hearts to blossom, as we explore our body’s range of movement & elemental wisdom through freedom of movement. Music will support the unravelling & journey. Ceremonies are a way to gather & honour the life & the part we play within its rich tapestry. Culminating with a soothing sound bath, allowing our energy to settle & return home. Suitable for all.

PLEASE NOTE ~ This can be offered with or without the cacao, (I can send an altered description if this is the case) ~ we cannot take on the costs but are happy to keep them low, festivals either pay for the cacao or make it a paying workshop generally. We offered it without the cacao at Buddha Fields last year & it was one of the wildest most powerful ones yet I feel(:

‘Shakti Flow Yoga’
Come connect to the gifts of the feminine & honour your inner Shakti. (Men welcome!) Through juicy, nourishing movement, woven together with positive affirmations, guided meditations, beautiful visualisations, uplifting mantras, grounding mudras & beyond. Together we will journey through the chakras, & what each energy centre represents in our flow through life. Creating a revitalising & empowering experience, culminating with a deep relaxation & soothing sound bath. Suitable for all

‘Mandala partner flow’
Find how by joyfully working together & opening up to share your space with others, you can achieve a much deeper stretch & more optimum body experience. Together we will create our own human mandala. Then journey into a guided meditation culminating with a sound bath.. Suitable for all.

‘Yoga Nidra ~ Journey of love & Sound bath’
Be guided on a journey of awareness, with words as your ship voyages through the body with love. Relaxing & recalibrating. Nesting & resting. Soothing sounds from an array of healing instruments are used throughout to leave you drifting dreamily. Suitable for everyone.

We have offered this after the music finishes, or at the end of the day at a few festivals & gatherings & it works really well as gives people a wind-down option before bed.

Sandra is a joyful free-spirited yogini from Argentina, who has been teaching yoga in this country since settling 24 years ago. Alongside her daughter Sofia, they birthed Love All Ways Yoga ~ Together creating & holding space for others through workshops, classes, retreats & ceremonies. Weaving together embodied movement, guided meditations, ritual & sound journeys into all their sharings. They love adorning spaces to create beautiful settings for others to gather & immerse themselves in. Their aim is to bring you home to your elemental nature whilst journeying into the heart space, awakening your creativity & flow, as you are welcomed to express & feel the whole spectrum of being life gifts us. 🙏🏽 You can find their sharings at an array of yoga festivals & gatherings & also offer ‘YogaVentures’ across the globe.

Sofia & Sandra