Qerebu is a Nomadic Seed & Tea Garden : a Meditation in the Marketplace
One Tea: Puerh ( the oldest tea, from the oldest tea trees, fermented for decades ) 

One Seed : Rudraksha ( Live seed Himalayan grounding activewear, the original rosary)
Both ancient tree medicine, teaching us the skill of presence.

 Rather than serve tea or officiate a ceremony, we teach people how to do Chinese tea ceremony , this is a shared moving meditation.

More than an event , It is a takeaway skill people can bring into their lives.

 The tea ceremony takes time, it is one tiny pot of tea, with tiny cups that refill again and again and again.

 Can be 20 minutes, can be two hours.

All our stuff helps preserve the jungle in south asia( where the tea comes from), all our rudraksha is made by Tibetan buddhists in Nepal.

Both preserve trees, both the most ancient plant medicine on the planet.


where most of the festival is transformative, we help people ground integrate and manifest their experience. 
We had many people say we were very important to their festival experience.
This is  a fabulous time, many people telling us this was the height of their festival.
All About Love 2022: Benji , turning 11, joining middle school has started a weekly tea ceremony club with his classmates:

Tea Ceremony is the pause that is different from so much of the festival.Where the festival has a great deal of transcendence on offer, this is the experience of the other direction, of manifestation, of grounding, of presence.
For some who get to blown out, we are a psychic antidote , helping them bring their experience back into their body.

We know we are an asset to the festival; we also know we do not fit into any clear definition.

We are traders, but we mostly teach. – we are an experience.