Nathan Gallagher ‘The Joy of Breath’

Nathan is a Transformational Breath® facilitator & founder of Lovejam Community. He specialises in science backed breathwork for mental & emotional wellbeing. With a deep commitment to his own personal practice, his mission is to empower humanity to live better through the simple act of conscious breathing. 
Workshop name: ‘The Joy of Breath’
In this workshop we reclaim the ancient wisdom of breath as a vehicle for expanded states of joy, inner peace & connection. Breath is not only a vehicle for lifeforce vital energy, but it is also a vehicle of presence & a gift for us to enter into the depths of the heart to discover the wisdom that lies there. With this awareness, we shall experiment with the breath as an instrument to welcome healing, joy & inspiration. Drawing from Pranayama, Qigong, Transformational Breath® & Resonance Frequency Breathing, we explore the dance between the inhalation & exhalation in this cycle of duality. Expect breathing meditation, partner exercises, movement exploration, sound & mantra.