Michelle’s Musical Mud Echoing Earth

My name is Shell and I wear mi shells around ma neck aka Michelle’s Musical Mud Echoing Earth.

I have been making Clay Musical Instruments since 1989 and never stopped, but learnt. Continuously learning how to play, how to make, how to invent and create, how to enjoy and heal Life itself…

I perform, using my clay musical instruments and some percussion, in groups, duos and solos. In fact, I just love embroidering the music of others and creating my own. Words are important to remind us of the wonders of nature and Earth’s emotions. I have played at many didjeridoo festivals around Europe (Switzerland, England and France). Being a girl in the didge world was quite a mission in the early days; Rejection and not being permitted to be taught to do things because of my gender was normal. I learnt what I could and have been on an amazingly beautiful journey ever since. However, my skills are limited and I will forever be continuously learning new sounds.

Over the past 30 years, I have played with a variety of musicians wherever and whenever the opportunity arose. In more recent years, I have had the pleasure to accompany my daughter (Isis Deardon), Omnivibes (Paul Jackson) alongside Chris Puleston, and not forgetting Inta Afrika. At the moment I play with the Flaming Wet Gurus (a beautiful collective of musical souls).

I am recorded playing on Pete Smith’s Autumn Album, and 7k’s Live recording on the Tor too… ‘The Opening’.

My love to jam and improvise gives me the opportunity to play across the board with many genres of music and a variety of musicians and soundscapes. I have a solo act as well, combining music and poetry.

My true enjoyment is walking beautiful places in nature, caves and ancient sites and playing; adding atmosphere for myself to hear and a pleasant surprise for random ramblers. The glint in their eyes and the happiness of their soul, makes me feel whole and complete. My mission on Earth feels found in those unsuspecting moments of unplanned impromptu time. A Time of gratitude and appreciation, with no judgement or expectations. I Love Life in that way. The Path I feel whole upon. nomadic pottering freely where the soul wishes to stroll.

I make, invent and sell a variety of Clay Musical Instruments:- Spirrilliwoos (didjeridoo), Flutes, Whistfulliwoos, and Widgeriwoos, Ocarinas, Drums, Medicine Rattles and Commissions. Using Raku, Earthenwares and a variety of clays from the land around.

I like to find clay nearby and fire in open fires.

Raku (means Joy) is an exciting firing, that is the alchemy of colours with oxides, air and natural materials and fire.

I run workshops using locally dug up clay (when possible) and firing using an open fire at night, with music jamming. 

Other workshops include junk musical instruments; Musical Instruments from around the World.

Other options available include:-
Sound Journeying; Drawing; Storytelling and Poetry

My hobbies include Dancing, Tai Chi, Yoga, Planting, Sailing, Walking, Travelling and There’s More…!

The Love of Life and Living