Mami Healer

Mami Healer, known as Alexandra is a Shamanic Ancestral Healer.

If you’re seeking insightful guidance on your journey towards self-discovery, Alexandra along with an immensely powerful spiritual team who support her can help you.

Through channelled guided sessions, bespoke to your needs, Alexandra will connect you with your spiritual body to yield such clarity and a much deeper understanding of your inner being.

As a Womb Shaman of Isis, and High Priestess, Alexandra can, with this powerful spirit, provide healing of ancestral trauma and womb healing. Alexandra works with a medley of spirits, many of whom are from my own African, Central and South American, Native American Celtic, Indian and Asian and Spanish ancestry. This incorporates the Orisha’s and Iwa’s of African spirituality.
Isis, Oshun and Madame Marie Laveau are Alexandra’s main guides through her healing sessions alongside her ancestors.

Alexandra is a medicine woman who connects deeply with the power of plants and, as such, plants are an integral part of her healing practice.
Alexandra will be offering teas, oils, smudging, sound healing, hape and sanaga, along with the use of cards, shamanic healing, reiki and hands-on healing.

Take steps towards self-discovery; come and say hi to Alexandra. It would be her pleasure to answer any questions you may have.

Alexandra looks forward to meeting you.