Kabbo Hue Qua

    • indigene rooi, indigenous maroon kreol, hotnot, indigenous rogue,  artivist = storyteller, healer, writer, performing edutainer, events organizer, poet, being enhancement evocator..
    • Storytelling for healing: I use a fusion of different Indigenous and Traditional Afrikan techniques that creates a safe environment for people to delve deeper into their own experiences to unearth and unlock what they desire to grow into, heal and evolve – My guiding analogies to stimulate their imagination and self-healing potential in this regard are the analogies of coal that turns into the diamond and the seed’s desire to embrace the sun.
    • Indigenous Mouth Bow meditations: I play various indigenous instruments that I use for creativity and re-membering masking explorations for intuitive flow scaping, an indigenous sound journey experience that involves specific movements and meditations that explore the moments in between chaos and stillness, worldly expectations and being, silence and noise, thinking and not thinking, etc.
    • Memory regression experiences: We use specific movements, indigenous soundscaping and principals harmonised with sacred geometric meditations and shaping to explore and reconnect to our core/gut/seat of our soul, heart vibrations and imagination/mind/spirit connection guided by indigenous sounds, clapping and song.
    • Creativity flow-shops: I use a combination of Indigenous and Traditional Afrikan Storytelling practices harmonised with Eastern Ancestral practices fused with Western Theatre Making techniques to create unique and bespoke creativity, poetry, song and storytelling experiences that encourage cultural cohesion and can lead to creating safe spaces to have honest, emphatic and frank cross-cultural conversations.
    Here’s a link to my website: https://kahue-stories.org.uk/