Jordan “Stardust” Jones

Jordan “Stardust” Jones is didgeridoo player and beat machine aficionado originally from the muggy Deep South of the United States — currently residing in Finland.

Throughout his musical existence he’s played and toured with projects ranging from punk to acid jazz — and in recent years has devoted himself entirely to worldbeat and folktronica.

2020 saw the release of the debut Stardust Jones EP entitled “Personified Graffiti”. At heart, this was inspired by countless hours spent busking as a street musician but demanded an extensive array of traditional instruments paired with modern electronic wizardry. As a result, the release was well received — having been praised for its unorthodox sound and unconventional use of the didgeridoo as a focal instrument.

With no opportunity for live performances in 2020, the current year presents the likelihood of an international promotional tour for “Personified Graffiti” starting with an appearance at Elementary Festival.

On Instagram: @stardust_jones On Twitter: @JonesStardust