Jason Kalidas

Jason Kalidas began as a multi percussionist at age 14 and was already living in India for long periods by age 19. He studied Hindustani classical music under his gurus in last 26 years. He began on Tabla and studied with Ishwal Lal Mishra in Varanasi. Going on to intense study in Raag and Bansuri. Jason learned Raag from Dr Shanish Kumar ( Bansuri ) and Manoj Dubey (vocal – senior disciple of Pandit Chanu Lal Mishra ) in Varanasi. He also studied with Pandit Rajendra Prasanna in his home in Delhi . Jasons feels passionate about the spiritual root of Indian classical music and its healing power to awaken the emotions with Raasa. His Bansuri playing is known for for its depth of feeling and rythmic clarity after his many years learning Tabla. As well as concert recitals Jasons holds sacred music events with Bansuri and live Tampuras using Raags in a ceremonial atmosphere. He has performed Indian classical and fusion music all over the west and India in many world class venues including The place London , Sadlers wells London , The UN headquarters NYC , Macba IN Barcelona and many more. bansuriplayer.com