The magical display of melody and rhythm inspired by traditional folk music will have you transfixed by the beautiful sound of Inkcap.

Her timelessly angelic vocals along with such raw guitar and banjo playing create these ethereal and haunting songs that transport you to other times and places. InkCap is forever moved by and compelled to perform the music she grew up with as a child that is now strongly rooted in her heart and soul, keeping it alive and leaving her own unique stamp on modern folk music

Inkcap’s debut album ‘Lost For Today’ was written while traveling the world sharing music and learning from all kinds of cultures and people. After stopping in Vietnam for some time and continuing to write she was called back to the sounds of her home in the UK.

Singing songs of love, life, and its myriad of twists and turns, Inkcap brings you on a journey of true sonic beauty inviting you to float away on the musical waves of life.