Hut 23 Healing

Your Journey ~
You will gently be guided into the space by Danny and begin Your sensory awakening. Throughout the next 69 minutes You will open up with breathwork, receive a chakra alignment with deep aura clearing, bodywork, sound healing, a replenishing ceremonial serving of cacao and a singing circle before closing the space. Please note: You may wish to share some feelings or thoughts on Your experiences during the workshop, so we have allocated the last 23 minutes for sharing or simply resting in the space. You will receive a painted Tribal Marking during the session unless You indicate otherwise.
Your facilitators ~
Nadiyah is an Ancestral Healer, reiki practitioner & conduit working with Her voice, Her heart and Her hands in order to channel healing sonic frequencies & energies. She comes from a long lineage of psychic & intuitive womben of great strength & power. Nadiyah works with sacred plant medicines and shamanic tools to rouse and stimulate the senses and segue through emotional blockages and traumas that are limiting or stifling the bearer. Nadiyah has the innate gift of tuning into the spirit and emotions of Her clients, often receiving playback and being guided to where their traumas are held in the body. Using a syncretic system, Nadiyah uses varied modalities including: Reiki, Light codes and Vocal Channeling, Somatic Therapy, Aura Stimulation and Shamanic Guides to release and relieve Her clients from stories that no longer serve them.
🧚🏻‍♂️Amaya Rose 🌹☀️🌕
Rose is a psychic healer that holds space with Love, Compassion and an intuitive ability to observe the root cause of trauma.
She Herself was pointed to a path of healing because of Her past trauma, to firstly unravel Herself and to discover Her purpose.
Rose uses sound healing, medicinal plants, and homemade tinctures to help find balance in the body. She recognises coping mechanisms and trigger responses.
She works with Women to empower them in their journey so that they can find themselves again.
Rose uses the following modalities: breathwork, chakra alignment, bodywork, sound healing, meditation, reiki/angelic reiki, light language, shamanic healing.
Founder of Rain Reforest, in Brazil, Danny, long time medicine facilitator and ordained Daimi Reverend.