Huitzomitl, originally from Mexico, is a tattoo and body modification artist living in New York City and London.

Huitzomitl has been involved in his community through traditional medicine and indigenous ceremonies. His indigenous lifestyle has been passed down to him through his family since a young age. Huitzomitl believes that culture is an integral part of building a harmonious society.

Huitzomitl also works with different artist groups around the world on art exhibitions, events, illustrations, and traditional arts.

He has been researching Mexican traditional tattoo techniques for more than 9 years and professionally tattooing for 20 years, applying his research findings to his tattoo and body modification practice.

Huitzomitl is using all this knowledge from the research to empower the communities he is working with around the world. Integrating traditional ceremonies with body modification Makes the connection between modern and traditional body art, thereby connecting body art to its origins.