Healthily Delights

Healthily Delights

Greetings from the Healthily Delights team. We are passionate about good food, health, and having fun!

With background in Ayurveda and the science behind the gut – mind connection, and food combination, we have created various dishes that support digestion and help people feel more energetic and alive, which we believe is the reason we eat.

Our usual menu which is attached to this email includes:

  • Our own vegan burgers
  • Ramen soup & stews
  • Home-made dumplings or dolmades (stuffed vine leaves)
  • Our own range of pickles and fermented veggies
  • Our own flavoured Kombucha and Kefir
  • Fresh salads and sprouts
  • Our own sauces, such as our special purple tahini dressing
  • Wild food from this land – high in medicinal properties
  • Chai and Herbal/medicinal teas

We do our best to use ancient and whole grains which provide a good source of many nutrients which aid in removing toxins. Soaking & sprouting to improve bioavailability of beans & grains, and enzymes.

Choosing the right spices to aid the digestion of particular foods and using our understanding of the digestive system to avoid harmful food combinations which interfere with digestion, use up more energy and create toxins in the body (like fruits which don’t digest well with almost anything else!)

We also do our best in helping support local or organic businesses in our purchasing chain!

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we have writing it, feel free to contact us on:

+44 (0)7768649975 (Ziv)