Beatbox Workshop: Doeme

Beatbox Workshop: Doeme

Duration: 2hrs/£30

Workshop description:

  • When attending to Doeme’s workshop, you can learn: how to imitate sounds – such as drumset sounds and how to use these sounds in different rhythms, styles
  • You can check and try how to use beatbox noises  with a microphone
  • Find out what is a loop, enjoy the loop-station show from Doeme
  • Join to the workshop and try how to use didgeridoo techniques with your mouth, without didgeridoo
  • Learn special beatbox basic techniques
  • Different breathing styles in grooves
  • How to sing with inward breathing


Doeme will teach tricks on how to be a beatboxer, how to improve yourself to be a human instrument!


Tamás Dömötör / DÖME was born on the 12th of January 1988 in Budapest (Hungary). Thanks to his family the affinity to music was put into his cradle and he started to learn violin, piano and drums. At the age of 12 he started with beatboxing and later on won the Hungarian Beatbox Battle twice which opened doors to bigger competitions: amongst others the Emperor of Mic in Graz (2010), the Beatbox World Championship in Berlin (2012) and Grande Beatbox Battle in Switzerland (2013). Besides his projects as a solo artist, he is playing in various bands like BUTTERFLY EFFECT, HARMOBEAT and AIRTIST of course. Gladly he is sharing his knowledge and skills in workshops and has been invited as a judge for numerous battles. The beatbox community is a matter truly dear to his heart that’s why in his work essential emphasis is put on networking, development and expansion of this subculture. Unique sound imitations, musical diversity and a ballistic groove in beatboxing are properties that fascinate him anew over and over again – that’s the magic, that’s his magic.