Didj Beat-Quinto Antonio-Ronaldo Guivarra

Didj Beat are a traditional / contemporary group that have been based in Australia for the last 30 years.
They have recorded 2 CDs, exploring traditional vocals with contemporary sounds and beats, as well as traditional songs.
Quinto’s unique style of didj playing is a fusion of traditional techniques with contemporary rhythms.
Ronaldo Guivarra is a song man and elder from Cape York far North Queensland.
The show will take you on a journey from raw traditional music with vocals, didj and clap sticks to up beat dance world music and didjeridoo.
The group have travelled the world over the past 30 years showcasing this unique performance for many audiences in many countries, at festivals, corporate events, schools, universities, government jobs,
They also do educational workshops, including, didj, body painting, art, culture, food, law, tools and weapons talks.