Crops Not Shops

Greetings and love. Come and grow the revolution with us at Elementary festival where we all celebrate the wonderful joy of mother earth and share how to regenerate and care for one another.

Crops Not shops are really excited to share with you workshops and activities including:

  • Permaculture
  • Sacred planting and chanting
  • Elemental childrens jungle yoga
  • Growing micro greens
  • Seed our future games
  • Weeping willow story circle with everyone involved in the story
  • Live intuituve aboriginal art flow
  • Singing oneness songs
  • Do remember to decorate your dad as well,
  • Many childrens activites that include all the famliy

And we are super extra excited to share FREE veg plants, FREE produce,
Free crops and seeds and hope that everyone joins the growing revolution.

We are one.
Crops NOT Shops