African Drum: with Chris Puleston

Djembe Workshop: with Chris Puleston

Included in the ticket price!

Workshop description:

An introductory workshop to the rhythms of Africa with the emphasis firmly on fun. Chris Puleston’s workshops are educational, exhilarating, therapeutic, energizing and always hugely enjoyable, don’t miss out!


Somananda (aka Chris Puleston). A unique performer whose music is inspired by Hindu mysticism and who accompanies his songs on an amazing array of instruments from all around the world. His kit includes Sitar, Didgeridoo, Tabla, Tamboura, Flutes, Veena, Zither, Singing Bowls, Tingshas, Gongs. Carillion, Balafon, Djembe, Darbuka, Drum Kit and Shruti Box. His music ranges from deeply devotional songs to lush instrumentals and highly rhythmic pieces featuring audience participation! From the sublime ambience to ecstatic exuberance!

We have had elementary for 4 years and Chris has been a huge part of the festival from the start.

He has relaxed you with meditative morning sound space; Performed with his eclectic band with his huge array of world instruments on our evening stage; run exciting African drum workshops to get you all inspired; joined myself and Johnathan cope on stage to kick off the Saturday night’s entertainment, and last but not least one of my personal favourite moments of elementary festival ever: an impromptu session in the sunshine under the huge tree with Paul Jackson on Sitar, Michelle Marcus-Deardon on some of her own creations with Chris on Tabla…absolute magic!!🌟⭐️☀️🌈

He will be doing all of this again for elementary festival 2019.😁🤩😍

Chris has dedicated his life to bringing these beautiful parts of culture from around the world to thousands of people in the UK and will still be doing this for many years to come touching the hearts and inspiring so many!!