Arches Ensemble

Arches Ensemble are an unconventional line-up of cello, percussion, drum kit and didgeridoo giving a unique sound, blending lyricism with vibrant, un-orthodox rhythms.

Inspired by music from all the continents, their sound is a fusion of Brazilian rhythm, combined with western and Indian classical music. Featuring cello, funky percussion and melodic didgeridoo.

Danceable, dreamy and often just simply delightful.

Let’s introduce them to you:

Lies Beijerinck – Didgeridoo

World class didgeridoo player with a classical background in harp and cello. Combining human beat-box, mouth harp and singing harmonics as extra ingredients, Lies has developed her own style. ​Performing at music festivals and theatres across Europe, Central and South America, Australia and South Africa. Some highlights: DJ Tiësto Concert at Gelredome, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Royal Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Wakefield Cathedral and Glastonbury festival.

Lucas Stam – Cellist

Lucas is a multidimensional cellist based in Amsterdam. His improvisations draw on world music, in particular Indian classical music. Next to playing he also loves to compose; he has written several works for string quartet and cello/piano duo. After studying classical cello at the Rotterdam Conservatory he toured with German rockstar Herbert Grönemeyer and was part of Tango ensemble Aliado. He also released a world music album featering his own compositions together with vocalist Wieke Garcia.

Terence Samson – Percussionist

Percussionist with a special focus on percussive melody and sound. Terrence is a musician with a strong feeling for spacious rhythms, played on different instruments. Always trying to create more flow into a song. While travelling he focussed on learning local musical traditions in Brazil, India, Morocco and the US. Terence creates his music and sounds inspired by the rich Indian, African and Brazilian music cultures, instruments and rhythms.

Clara de Mik – Percussionist

Drummer and percussionist, Clara began playing the drums when she was fifteen and started performing when she was sixteen. Her first groups were a rock ’n’ roll band and a combo playing in an Amsterdam theatre every week. Since then she has played all kinds of music, joined various special projects and learned to play different melodic percussion instruments (Balinese gangsa, Hang, Balafon)