Take a look at our list of performers so far…

This list will grow to about 30 performers over the weekend as we are in nonstop talks with new and exciting acts.

Airtist: beatbox, Jews harp, didgeridoo

Yogev Haruvi: didgeridoo, percussion

Mobius loop: vocals, keyboard, percussion, violin.

Larry Gurruwiwi: Aboriginal song lines.

Dubravco lapaine; didgeridoo virtuoso 

Jali Fily Cissokho; kora and voice.

Chris Puleston: percussion, sitar, didge and much more

Inta Africa: African drums, didge, vocals.

Tanook: 2 full drum kits and djembe.

Wild Wood: didgeridoo duets.

Didge beat George: didgeridoo and drum.

Sitar Paul: sitar

Ukulele trio: ukulele, vocals

Melvin Wright: dulcimer.

Liam Mc Genety: guitar, vocals.

Joe Element Handpan: Handpan.

Steve Frost ;Native American flute.

The Dead Eyes and Lara Conley; hand pan, didge,voice, bass ,fiddle

Saadho; percussion,strings and voice.

Isis Deardon; Guitar and vocals.

Keep checking back with us for more info…