I am very proud to say that in all my years of going to festivals i have never found one that tops Elementary when it comes to sound journeys….after all we do call ourselves Elementary a world of sound😍😍😍😍😍😍

Roz Crampton:
Along with her very handsome other half Aida,Roz performs with a large array or gongs and many other instruments…….but i have never in my life heard a more powerful voice bending from vocal to overtone singing..wow wow and double wow😍😍😍

Mell and Tracy:
This absolutely delightful couple the cheakiest of chaps Mell and the lovely Tracy have been playing elementary since back in the welsh days. Always taking us on a truly magical journey. With a new member to there team and im told a fully newly worked performance i cant wait.🥰🥰🥰

Ruban yon ton And Api Ascaso:
Sound Journey Performance – An immersive music session within the ritual element, grounding and expansive.
First time at new to elementary and a brand new friend to me and everyone Ruban meets, they will be performing an truly powerful,earthy, tribal experience.🥰🥰🥰

Roger newton;
AKA Roger gong brings to elementary one of the largest gongs in the UK to perform a late night gong bath to sooth away the muscle soreness of all the dancing we will be doing on the main stage. Roger who is very well known on the festival circuit and around Oxfordshire played last year for us and was amazing.😍😍😍

Wild Hearts Rose Project:
Last but certainly not least Wild Hearts Rose Project was spontaneously created at Elementary festival 2021 when Sun Drum artist, Liz Hill, and Fany Bah met with shamanic and sound practitioner Faye Bradbury. Together they created channeled music, chants, and Sound bath meditations and journeys. Paul Jackson from Omnivibes joined them with his sitar during their UK tour 2021.
Absolutely enchanting.🥰🥰🥰

Healing area

We are building a beautiful healing and wellbeing area especially for you lucky people, with Massage Therapists; Sauna and Tipis.

We have a stunning room in the main house as well as the quirky Vortex building, with rugs and cushions to cosy up on, for all sorts of amazing sound journeys; expertly run Yoga; qi gong and trance dance sessions.


“THE WHOLE” is a portable Sauna-on-Wheels, Hot Shower, and Conscious Café, which travels the UK all-year round visiting festivals, venues and homes.

Bringing with it an unusual sense of splendour and vigour, this is the place to go when it comes to peacefully detoxifying your mind, body, and spirit. It’s the healthiest thing you can do without doing anything at all! It’s dry and wood-fired and very spacious!

Explore your I AM presence. Enter into an inviting space where you can feel comfortable in your own skin; boldly stating your vulnerability, as you finally feel safe to strip off socially in a country whereby we are heavily programmed to feel ashamed to do so.

Ros Paxman:
Angel Joughin-Coppin Intuitive Healing:

I have always walked with Two-Feathers and Wolf since a tiny child and lead a lonely internal life as all those I met did not feel the same as me about Mother Earth, Father Sky.

After studying Physiology and Anatomy via Zoology, at Imperial College, London, graduating in 1997; I embarked on learning how to help the world naturally.  At last meeting people, I could relate to.  I got the pieces of paper (certificates) to support what I could do naturally; to assist in helping/healing all animals, plants, trees, humans, through Guidance of those that join us through the spirit.

I am currently furthering my learning by doing 4-year Masters in Herbology and Iridology at The Irish School of Herbal Medicine, Portlaoise, and Maynooth University.

Treatments are:

Deep tissue & Fascia
Indian head
Ear candling with Face Massage
Face massage encourages the sinus area to heal & clean
Shamanic healing:
Black and White Stone
Chakra balance:
Chakra cleaning, healing, and cutting of cords, of old things holding us back.
Energy Healings:
Rahanni 5th dimension healing (Teacher level)
Reiki (Master/Teacher level)

Reconnection Sound journeys:

Rogergong:  Roger will be performing a late night sound journey in the vortex after the main acts!!!!!!

Melvin Wright: “I have been practising Meditation for six years at the Buddhist Monastery and at home. I have a calling to help others find relaxation and stillness from the diversion in this modern life, for you to observe this, I look at sound. With my wife Tracy by natural progression, it found us, we knew what to do with this, to share our heartfelt compassion with the vibrational elements that guide us to share the sound journey with you. To let go of your mind for you to feel the connection of stillness that is within you, feeling the sound in you. We provide vibration transportation for you to observe the inner place of your being.”

Chris Puleston: A unique performer whose music is inspired by Hindu mysticism and who accompanies his songs on an amazing array of instruments from all around the world. His kit includes sitar, Didgeridoo, Table, Tamboura, Flutes, Veena, Zither, Singing Bowls, Tingshas, Gongs, Carilion, Balafon, Djembe, Darbuka, Drum Kit and Shruti box. His music ranges from deeply devotional songs to lush instrumentals and highly rhythmic pieces featuring audience participation! From the sublime ambience to ecstatic exuberance!

Roz Crampton:  Earthdance – Sound Bath Enjoy a deeply relaxing sonic massage through the cosmic, vibrational tones and overtones of live ancestral sounds that work deep into every cell of the body. Clear unwanted traumas, blocks and patterns bringing you into a more optimal frequency, enhancing energetic flow on all levels. Release and ‘let go’ as you surrender to the powerful majestic sound of the Gongs. Ride on the atmospheric waves of Himalayan Singing Bowls and the haunting sound of Native American Flutes. Feel the primal and heart-connecting resonance of Shamanic and Tribal Drums. Drift into your dreamtime with the deep earthy drone of the Didgeridoo and other ancient instruments as they bathe you in a subliminal sound you’ll never feel the same again.

Please bring something padded and comfortable to lie on plus a cushion/pillow and blankets.

Roz Crampton – Founder of Earthdance

Roz facilitates spiritual/personal awareness and development…. assisting people to realise their innate gifts and true potential. Roz has over 27yrs experience leading a wide range of workshops and retreats, nationally and internationally. She works extensively with the healing resonance of sound, incorporating Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Shamanic & Tribal drums and Native American flutes along with the Breath, Voice and Mantra to facilitate personal transformation and well-being.

Roz has always had a strong affinity with nature, wildlife and the earth’s natural energies. From a very early age she has experienced numerous psychic phenomena and through on-going study and practise, Roz has enhanced her natural psychic and mediumistic abilities to a high degree.

Her professional background in dance and exercise and as a tutor of national teachers training courses in health and fitness means she has developed a sound understanding of the physical body and is well experienced at working with groups to facilitate learning and co-operation using a range of teaching strategies.

Roz has worked and performed with a wide range of international artists and has featured on both local and national radio and television. She has also had articles published in national magazines. Roz has taken her work to schools, colleges and universities as well as being invited to present at Mensa. She finds it both rewarding and stimulating working with people of all ages, experience and abilities.

Meditation Healing Yoga Therapy, Vitality, Nada Yoga

Rogergong:  Tradition with a contemporary twist.  All yoga classes have elements of sound and various traditions and are constantly evolving.

Roger has had a lifelong fascination with yoga & various ancient Eastern philosophies. He has studied widely and deeply: TCM, Shiatsu, Shamanic indigenous Native North & South American cultures as well as with some of the world’s foremost names in yoga. He started a Hatha yoga practice, initially and principally self-study from books in 1972. His teaching is thoughtful, intelligent, insightful and often playful. Using Nada Yoga (Sound – Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls and other traditional instruments) in class to raise consciousness.

Qi gong:
Trance Dance / Medicine Dance:

Ruth Humming Ford: Deep group work for adults, partnered dance using a blindfold and working with the Shamanic ways, sliding into a place of no time and exploring the messages of our unconscious in imagery and through physical sensation.